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Survival Skills Podcast

Jun 7, 2019

In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I had a chance to sat down and interviewed Julia Anastasopoulos at her studio in Woodstock.
She is a South African artist, illustrator, designer and actress. She became a local internet phenomenon in May 2014, with her do-it-yourself web series known as SuzelleDIY. Before she became a YouTube personality, Anastasopoulos created hand-drawn illustrations on the walls and windows of a few MyCiTi bus stations in Cape Town.

Julia Anastasopoulos Born in Johannesburg, this creative content producer obtained her BA degree in Theatre and Performance majoring in Acting at the University of Cape Town.
She started her SuzelleDIY YouTube channel in May 2014, with a "bite-size, do-it-yourself web series". She plays an Afrikaans woman, along with animator and filmmaker Ari Kruger. Suzelle collaborated with Takealot, an online retailer and created four videos for the Takealot brand.

In 2015, Suzelle took first place in the Superbalist 100 campaign.

In this fascinating interview with her, we discussed
-Her involvement in the generic acting career
-The challenges faced by most content creators
-How to make money through the content
-Her upcoming movie series on Showmax Tali Wedding Diary